Michael Vitale

Dr. Vitale is the Ana Lucia Associate Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Chief of the Pediatric Spine Service at Children’s Hospital of New York. Dr. Vitale completed his medical schooling in 1995 at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons where he also earned a Masters in Public Health. He then completed his residency in Orthopedic Surgery , and a Subspecialty Fellowship in Pediatric Orthopedics at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

A significant part of Dr. Vitale’s practice involves the treatment of children with spinal problems such as scoliosis, reconstruction of congenital deformities, and the care of children injured by trauma. As the Director of Clinical Research for the Division of Pediatric Orthopedics, Dr. Vitale directs a large research effort which focuses on the assessment of patient outcomes in children with various orthopedic problems, and ways to optimize the quality of life of these children. Dr. Vitale has participated in various medical missions abroad including trips to Haiti, Peru and Honduras. A seven-time NYC Marathon finisher, he looks forward to his four sons beating him one day.