Our Purpose

Children who regularly engage in active play grow up more physically, emotionally & cognitively healthy. But opportunities for safe, active play are increasingly threatened. Today’s children spend less time playing outside than any previous generation. Every year, children in the US lose more hours of active play per week as it is increasingly replaced by sedentary activities such as TV and online gaming. The result? Increasing rates of childhood obesity and type two diabetes, depression and a lack of overall mental health.

Alexandra’s Playground works to bring the Gift of Play into the daily lives of children, particularly those growing up in underserved neighborhoods. We want all children to have opportunities for safe, active play throughout childhood.

We do this by developing, executing and partnering on initiatives that

  • provide opportunities for active play
  • encourage and imprint active lifestyles
  • help prevent injuries during play
  • build awareness around the importance of safe, active play throughout childhood

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