What We Do

We encourage safe, active play with the hope of imprinting enduring active, productive lifestyles. Our initiatives focus on 3 core areas: building playgrounds; creating programming that encourages activity and prevents injuries during play; and, raising awareness about the importance of active play. We both develop our own initiatives and partner with others to support theirs.


US Playgrounds

We fund and build at least two playgrounds in the tri-state area per year. We also support other playground builds and participate in the Annual AAOS Playground build. Read more about our past and upcoming playgrounds.



Our programming initiatives help to ensure safety during play and also raise awareness about the importance of safe, active play overall. Read more about our programming efforts.


Our Impact

Our initiatives impact children directly as we help parents to ensure their children have opportunities for safe, active play and healthier childhoods. We measure our impact by the number of children and parents we directly touch through the playgrounds we build and the programs we create.



Whenever possible we partner with other organizations to leverage and build upon each others effort’s to meet a common goal to ensure children have greater opportunities for safe, active play. Read more about some of our partners.